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Excerpts from journal , 2003


Map used for the walk from Pian di Scó to Firenze: Large map >> Google Map >>

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6:01 pm

Sign “Bagno a Ripoli 4 - Firenze 9” map >

Wonder if my phone is still on.
It often turns off by itself (the battery is slightly detached).
But I don’t want to check it.
I don’t want anybody to call me now.

I am going to finish this walk in 2 hours.

6:22 pm There it is, the sign saying:
“Bagno a Ripoli

Have no idea what Capoluogo means. Probably not reach Bagno yet.
Wish to have cold water.

6:34 pm See the turn to the road “Strada di Terzano” on the right side.
This is the road where my friends, the Vietnamese family, lives.
6:37 pm Reach the little park which is the last stop of bus 33 from Firenze. The stop is La Fonte. The family used to drive down from Terzano to pick me up from here. It seems very close to home in Firenze.
6:47 pm A wedding's cars passed by. They sounded their horns happily.

Probably I am going to cry when I see my feet.
I'm walking strangely.
When somebody stares at me, I try to walk straight up and faster.

An old couple are waiting at the bus stop.

6:58 pm The bus 33 coming up from Firenze has just passed by.
7:11 pm

Street Via Roma.
There is a big party on the street right at the crossroads. The police are stopping the traffic. So I have to turn to another way, different from the usual route of the bus 33.

7:12 pm HEY, AM I CRAZY?
They just stop the cars. I'M WALKING!!!
So turn back to the old route.
7:15 pm The bus 33 driving back from La Fonte shows up right at the crossroads.
Of course I'm NOT going to take it!

It’s a celebration. I see sunflowers and pepperoni and potatoes on the tables.
It’s a very long row of tables.

People are wearing clothes of the old days and they are singing.
I take pictures, worrying that somebody would stop me.
But the policewoman is very nice. She moves out of her way for me to take pictures. It must be a Catholic celebration. I hear them sing “Hallelujah, hallelujah…”

I am treating myself a gelato right at the corner after the party.
Melone e macedonia, cup, 1.10 euros.
So good!

All right, there’s a sign “Firenze 1,1 km.”

"It’s a very long row of tables."
"I see sunflowers and pepperoni and potatoes on the tables."
"People are wearing clothes of the old days and they are singing."
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