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Excerpts from journal , 2003


Map used for the walk from Pian di Scó to Firenze: Large map >> Google Map >>

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4:00 pm

Stop and sit down on a rock on the side of the road, writing.

Water is delicious! I don’t like Coke or anything. Just water is enough for me.
I may eat a piece of bread.

See a man walking out of his house.
Say “Ciao” and ask him to take a picture for me on the road.
After the shooting, he said “Wonderful”.
Hope it’s really wonderful. He seems a nice man.

Writing a postcard to Lorenzo.

"Say 'Ciao' and ask him to take a picture for me on the road."
4:23 pm

See a bar open, the first bar open I’ve seen today.
Come inside. All are men.
Whatever! I need to ask for stamps.

Say “Ciao”, ask for a pear juice.
He says he has no stamps, there may be some in Troghi!

Finish my drink, I ask “Quanto?”
He says “Parla italiano!? Quanto costa.”
He teaches me: “Quanto costa?”
It costs 1.30 euros.

4:29 pm

See the sign saying Bagno a Ripoli.
Don’t know when I got off S. Donato.
Couldn’t send postcards.

I hate to have to keep stopping to write. But can’t keep things in my head.
Write it down and then forget it!

4:37 pm

Just get off San Donato. map >
I haven’t reached Bagno a Ripoli yet.

Whooop!! I tripped over a rock!
A porcupine quill sticking out of the side of my backpack thrusts into my left arm and makes a hole in there.
Blood! Hurt!
I wash it with water. Hope it will be fine.

The quill keeps sticking out. It’s dangerous.
I figure out a way. I pin two pieces of bread against the two ends of the quill, so it cannot pierce the backpack.

If you ask me “Is it really paradise?” I would say “Don’t ask!”
“Rescue me, Lorenzo. Rescue me!” I am teasing myself...heheee....

5:00 pm

Still in the middle of the way from S. Donato to Bagno a Ripoli. So I can’t reach Firenze on time as I planned.

Suddenly a muscle of my right leg stiffens when I try to take my pencil out of the backpack.

I have to stand still like that…one, two minutes...
…thinking that Lorenzo may have to come rescue me.
…Little by little, I try to move.

It’s all right! Pheww!!!
I have to stop a bit, let my legs rest, and write.

5:17 pm

Still haven't reached Bagno a Ripoli.

There’s some problem with my right leg.
I have to walk slowly.
Hope it will be fine until I reach Firenze.

…Walking for a while without thinking of anything… It’s good for me!
Don’t care when I will reach Bagno a Ripoli!

Thinking of my parents, what would my Mom say if she reads this?
And my Dad?

How about He? He doesn’t love me anymore.
Does He know that He is the one giving me pains right now? Probably not!

5:51 pm

Reach the sign of Ostaria Nuova. map >

I have taken a wrong way, the long one. The short way would go directly to Bagno a Ripoli, not passing Ostaria.

But anyway, I've already made half-way.

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