Gnocchi Artyst is an installation artist who live in Toronto, Canada.



Excerpts from journal , 2003


Map used for the walk from Pian di Scó to Firenze: Large map >> Google Map >>

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2:07 pm

Mary called.

“Ciao Ngoc.”
“Ciao Mary.”
“How are you?”
“I am fine!”
“Where are you?”
“Uhmm… I a-l-m-o-s-t… reach San Donato in Collina.”
“Very good. Have you met Lorenzo?”
“Not yet.”
“Ok. Good luck.”
“Thank you.”

2:18 pm

Out of Le Valli.
Didn’t notice when I got into the town.
Up again, start to breath heavily.

There's a nice shade, stop to rest and write.
The water is delicious. It’s sweet.

Going again now.
If you ask me “Is it really a way to paradise?”
I would say “Can I NOT answer that?”

2:27 pm

Reach Cellai.
Look at my map. I am just half of the way.

And now I understand the sign I’ve just passed, it said “Firenze 20”.
It means 20 kms more to Firenze!
Oh God! God saves me!

See a wall with nice design.
A tap of water just right next to it. Try to turn it on. It works!
Washing my face and neck.
And taking water full of the bottle! I am OK now.
Take some pics.

"A tap of water just right next to it. Try to turn it on. It works!"
2:56 pm Out of Cellai.
3:01 pm Enter Troghi.
3:02 pm

Lorenzo called.

“Gnocchi, where are you?”
“I am at Troghi.”

He's had some problem with his teeth for the last few days, so he said he was afraid he couldn't come to see me on his bike as he had planned.

“I don’t think I can make it… I’m really disappointed…”
“It’s OK, Lorenzo. I can make it.”
“I know you can make it, but… I really wanted to come to see you. How are you now?”
“Hahaaa… you hear me sound fine, right?”
“Yeah, you sounds very good.”
“Haha… so I still see you tonight?”
“Yeah, listen, if you really are in trouble, give me a call and I'll come to rescue you… I promised you I’m going to drive you home after the dinner."
“I am OK, Lorenzo. I don’t know if I can reach Firenze on time.”
“I think you probably can reach Firenze at around 5.30 or 6.00. Now the way is all down hill after San Donato.”
“Oh, that’s good. I’ll see you then.”
“OK, give me a call when you reach Firenze.”

A man passed by in his car. He screamed insanely and made his face scary to me. Oh! People are people! Some people can be too crazy!

Later on another man, an old man, stopped his car and asked “…compagna a Firenze, ragazza?”
“No, grazie!”
“No! Grazie mille.”

3:26 pm

Out of Troghi.

From here I can see the Palazzo of the famous Martini family up hill in San Donato.

3:37 pm Oh, there’s the sign:
“Firenze 11
S. Donato 1”

Taking a picture of myself. Probably only the face can be seen.
Will ask somebody to take a picture for me in S. Donato.

This hot is harsh!
And up hill am I walking.

3:53 pm All right, I am standing in front of the Palazzo of the Martini.
The clock of the palace says something like 6 o’clock!
3:54 pm Reach the sign saying S. Donato in Collina.
3:57 pm

I am on top of the hill and start going down.

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