Gnocchi Artyst is an installation artist who live in Toronto, Canada.



Excerpts from journal , 2003


Map used for the walk from Pian di Scó to Firenze: Large map >> Google Map >>

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10.00 am


Stop to write.
I think my shoes can afford it but not sure about my feet.

Up hill now! Up is hard.
And it’s hot.
I think I almost reach Incisa.

Only a slice of melon since 7.00 am but I don’t feel like to eat, just thirsty.

Can’t sing, Linda! Not only because I am alone on the road, but also because I don’t have enough “fuel” to sing…

“Country road, take me home…”
Actually I try to sing a little when no cars are passing by.
“…to the place I belong…”

A grape garden.
A cock crows.

This part of the route is not much fun.
Actually the initial idea of this walk sprang from what somebody's told me: “Tuscany country roads are natural paradise.”
Wondering if it’s worthwhile to do this.
But it can't never always be fun. Isn't it?

Turn right at the sign pointing to Firenze.
Keep walking. Feet hurt. No sign of Incisa.

There’s a sign of something else. God, I may have taken the wrong way.
A man on horseback smiles at me, I say "Ciao".
Asking a man working in his garden for the direction to Incisa.
Yes, I took the wrong way, so walk back a little.

Feet hurt. Toes rub against each other, hurt.
I have been walking for 4 hours.
Trying to find some sign of Incisa, then I will stop.
Oh, there, it’s the sign “Incisa”. It’s 11.00 am.

roads of paradise
“Tuscany country roads are natural paradise.”
11.00 am Stop to write and drink a little.
I will eat at 12.00 pm.

OK, I'm going again now. Wearing my orange-yellow hat. It’s a memory about somebody (actually with pains in these days.)

Feet terribly hurt. Why? I've just started again. And it’s only third of the way.
Keep getting confused by all the signs for autostrada.
That sign says “Firenze” but it doesn't seem the right way.
Keep following this way and praying.

Yeah I'm praying that I am not wrong.
Perché my feet hurt!

There’s a sign, it says something, doesn't seem like Incisa.
Oh, something like Cilegi. Fuck! (excuse me!)

Oh, but there are other signs too, saying S. Donato and Bagno a Ripoli.
So must be this way.
Whenever start to walk again, feet hurt terribly.

Already see the Arno river. It’s a reward!
So cross the bridge. It’s an old bridge.
There’s the little town Incisa in Val’Darno. map >
Head to Rignano! Taking some pics.

This is a nice little town. The road is small.
Wishing to find a place to sit down to eat.

11:45 am All right, here is an old big door. It’s only 11:45 am, but I think I can eat here. Taking some pics.

I have roast beef, a tiny piece of smoke cheese, cous-cous with coconut, fried potatoes, zukini, bread, and salad. All are leftovers from yesterday meals but they’re all good. Jules is a great cook!

Try to eat a lot although I don’t really want to. This place is like a little nook for me to have my lunch. Cars can’t see me from afar, and when they get closer and try to figure out what I am doing, they already pass by!

The salad is not good anymore.

Try to write some postcard to my parents.

Whenever a car passes by, the big door behind me shaking.
Wondering when I will see Lorenzo on his bike!

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