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Excerpts from journal , 2003

map from Pian di Sco to Firenze

Map used for the walk from Pian di Scó to Firenze

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Saturday, June 28, 2003
11.00 pm

Tomorrow morning at 7.00 am, I am going to do the walk from Pian Di Scó to Firenze (about 40 kms). I don’t really think about the reason why I want to do it. Maybe I’ll figure that out on the way.

Actually that could be the reason: “Walking to figure something out”. I am confused, and I feel lost. And the walk can be a way for me to have time to think about it. And what I learn on the road will be the answers for some of my questions. That’s what I am hoping.

Above all, doing this walk is a way for me to reinforce my faith. It can make me believe in something, after I succeed in doing it. It can make me believe that it’s good to have a faith.

Sunday, June 29, 2003
6:16 am Waking up. Thinking that if there's somebody who can allow me not to do this and go back to sleep as usual, it would be great! Still early, I may lie down a bit more.
6:36 am Waking up again. Oh, I gotta go.
7:00 am Although I was in a rush, but I left the house in Pian di Scó exactly at 7.00 am. (Woohoo! Gnocchi is not always a little late!)
7:46 am

Just out of Pian Di Scó.
The question comes back, not very clear but like a mild smoke: “Why am I doing this?” Getting a little tired, but my feet still are very strong. See horses and donkeys with happy bells. No time to take pictures so I didn’t.

8:10 am Reach the border line between Arezzo and Firenze (Confine di Provincia). It’s a small stream. Enter Firenze.

8:26 am

Reach the little town Vaggio. Meet some old ladies walking up the hill. Saying “Buon giorno”, I am going down hill.

8: 31 am

It’s a very small town.
Now I have to look at the map. Direct to Filigne.

My feet start to hurt, especially the left foot and the right half of my "butt".
I remember Caterina, Lorenzo’s wife, told him to "bring another bike with you, please” when he comes to see me with his bike on the road, as he planned, because she didn't believe I would make it. I am thinking that if I can’t walk anymore, perhaps I can't ride either. The only way would be to throw me on a truck and ride me back home…haha…

See growing corns and grapes bearing heavy bunches of green fruits. A lady is cutting zukini flowers.

8:42 am

Out of Vaggio. map >
Several sports teams are riding bikes up hill. They stared at me and some smiled. I smiled back a little. Just hinting that I am not a crazy person… haha… I can still joke! Wondering how long I can do that.

Reach a field of corn in blossom on the right. A stream on the left. I didn’t notice at first but then I saw some sunflowers in the corn field. Wow, not just some, a lot of them! They are like kids playing “hide and seek” in the field. I don’t pick any, they are kids!

On the side of the road, I see a lot of quills of some animal, I think those of porcupine, just along the road. I put some into my backpack.

9:02 am

Reaching Matassimo, another little town. There’s the Le Camille, the flower farm I’ve been before. The sightseeing is still very familiar so far.

Another dead rat! The first one had blood all over. They made me want to throw up.

The lower part of my right leg starts to hurt. The left one’s too.

Direct to Incisa.

Some dogs barked at me when I passed by. They scared me a little. But people scared me more. They stared at me. All right, I am a young woman, I am Asian and I am walking alone on the road. So what? All right, just stare.

9:33 am

Out of Matassimo.
It's getting hot. The sun is high now. I think I’m going to need my hat.

My feet hurt a lot. It’s flat here, I’m already down in the valley of the Arno. Many people work in their gardens on Sunday here. I thought they would go to church to pray.

A train passed by me on the rail road high above. You are fast, man!
Somehow I feel I can make it. It’s almost “third" way.

I don’t feel like to stop here, I may stop at 10 am. I think I’m going to walk by inertia sometime. My legs will take me forward.

I am walking near the highway.
I can see cars running fast.
They run like crazy!
Hey, are they running like crazy or am I walking like crazy?

I think I can make it, it’s not so hard so far and I've already made part of it.
But if I make it, so what?
What is the meaning of this thing? What for?

My feet hurt so much.

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