Gnocchi Artyst is an installation artist who live in Toronto, Canada.




At studio in Bowling Green , Ohio, USA, 2004


It is a series of works that were produced in my studio space and sensitive to that space. The series includes:

  1. In
  2. Out
  3. Broom
  4. Playing with puzzle
  5. In the attempt to get rid of my shadow
  6. Chesspiece

They were meant to be together. They all belonged to a place, where they were created, and only there their existence became the most vital.

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In (picture 1)   In (picture 2)   Out (picture 1)   Out (picture 2)
Broom (picture 1)   Broom (picture 2)   Broom (picture 3)   In the attempt to
get rid of
my shadow
Playing with
puzzle(picture 1)
  Playing with
puzzle (picture 2)
(picture 1)
(picture 2)

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