Gnocchi Artyst is an installation artist who live in Toronto, Canada.



Excerpts from journal , 2003

These are the notes that I wrote down in my journal during the making of the piece Daily Walking in Maremma, Italy.

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Sunday, March 23, 2003
On the beach of Maremma, 10 a.m.

I am walking. I am doing my “Daily Walking.”
It’s a work, a wave of circles, with the ball,
which I got on the way going to the beach,
at the center.

My feet hurt, it’s not an easy work.
Sometimes it’s very heavy to move.
I can’t write much because if I stop long, I will be cold.
I have to keep walking to be warm.
I don’t know when I will stop.
The circle keeps growing longer and longer.

It’s hard like daily life.
Sometimes it is so boring,
you keep walking and walking.
Sometimes you wonder what you're doing for,
why you do that while people lie in the sun and enjoy.
Hey but you yourself can enjoy it too.

I sing “Tình bằng có cái trống cơm…” *
my feet are stronger,
my walking steps are quicker, I feel joyful.
Now I walk in the sun, there’s the sea.

They are circles, you go round and round,
your whole life, circle and circle,
day and night...

(Excerpts from journal)

* a Vietnamese children's traditional song

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... then day and night. Is it fun?
What is the destination of your “daily walking”?

I go slowly. My friends asked me how I could make the circles so round perfectly. I said it was because I walked slowly.
The sand is lấp lánh (shining)
The sea is lấp lánh (shining)

Lorenzo keeps asking me to measure it, but I asked him: “Do you count how many days of your life?” He said No.

From this distance, I see it not very big.
Yeah, to the beach, to the sea, to the world.
It reminds me the question:
“Each of our living is just a grain of sand in the eternal sea of life.
What is the meaning of that grain to the sea?”

Will I continue? Yes, I will.
Until when? I don’t know.

Why do I keep doing this? I can’t answer you right now.
There is something but...

(Excerpts from journal)

Page 3


... I can’t see it clear now. I will figure it out and tell you later.

I have no idea about the time.
What time is it now?
How long have I done this?

I don’t know.
I don’t want to ask my friends for that,
but I still want to know all the same.
I am cold, I have to keep going on...

(Excerpts from journal)

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